Vivien Zhang

Vivien Zhang: Lorem Ipsum

Opening: 2021.7.10

Long March Space

Vivien Zhang: Lorem Ipsum

Vivien Zhang: Codescape

2018.9.8 – 11.4

Long March Space, Beijing


Vivien Zhang: Codescape

Trembling Surfaces

Joeun Aatchim, Feng Bingyi, Feng Chen, Huang Songhao, Yunyu Ayo Shih, Su Yu-Xin, Yi Xin Tong, Vivien Zhang, Zhu Changquan

2016.12.10 – 2017.2.19

Long March Space, Beijing


Trembling Surfaces

Vivien Zhang: New Peril

TANK Shanghai, Shanghai


Vivien Zhang: New Peril

Vivien Zhang “Cartographer’s Fugue”

Contemporary Art Society Commission
Wembley, London
Vivien Zhang “Cartographer’s Fugue”

Vivien Zhang: The Symbol, The Contrast

2021_ElleDeco家居廊_Vivien Zhang: The Symbol, The Contrast/By_Gerald

Reframing the Narrative: A new generation of East Asian creatives is finding its artistic voice

2021_Bazaar art_Reframing the Narrative_By/Helena Lee

张月薇 数位札记

2020_Numéro art_张月薇 数位札记_委托创作/张月薇_编辑/汪汝徽

张月薇:砌码与幻境| 艺术汇 ART FRONTIER 展评

2018_798艺术_张月薇:砌码与幻境| 艺术汇 ART FRONTIER 展评_文/李旭辉



MANIFESTO MANIFESTED: for a New Landscape and of Our Current Condition

2019_MANIFESTO MANIFESTED: for a New Landscape and of Our Current Condition_by Vivien Zhang

Hans Ulrich Obrist in Conversation About Inventiong New Languages

2016.12_Sleek Magazine_Hans Ulrich Obrist;Vivien Zhang and Travis Jeppensen


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Vivien Zhang (b.1990, Beijing) grew up in China, Kenya and Thailand, and currently works and lives in London. She received her MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art (London) in 2014, after completing her undergraduate degree at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL (London) in 2012. Zhang’s paintings present a cultural and geographical fluidity, which interrogates the palimpsest nature of contemporary culture and the paradoxes of our information age. As a digital native, Zhang explores being a passive recipient in a growing digital world, and makes apparent the fragmented and sporadic ways in which we consume information. One device used is alternating painterly layers – a direct response to the superimposed nature of digital media. As we experience an expanding abundance of visual materials, Zhang queries the artist’ authorship and authority in the use of their derivations and iterations, as well as contradictions of this information age.


Her recent solo exhibitions include “Lorem Ipsum,” Long March Space, Beijing (2021); “New Peril,” TANK Shanghai, Shanghai (2020); “Soft Borders,” Lawrie Shabibi, Dubai (2020); ” Codescape,” Long March Space, Beijing (2018); “Uzumaki,” House of Egorn, Berlin (2018); “Art Rotterdam,” House of Egorn, Rotterdam (2018); “Solo Exhibition,” MiArt, Milan (2017); “Cavity Drift: Vivien Zhang,” Galerie Huit, Hong Kong (2016); “Vivien Zhang | Surf the Anodyne: the Chadwell Award 2014-15 Exhibition,” The Rum Factory, London (2015).


Recent group exhibitions include “Echo Chamber,” Plus-One Gallery, Antwerp (2019); “Generation Y,” Platform Foundation, London (2019); “To Cite A Body,” Sluice, London (2019); “Bone Memory,” Lychee One, London (2018); “BE:YO:ND,” Plus-One Gallery, Antwerp (2018); “Digital Natives: Vivien Zhang and Thomas van Linge,” The RYDER Projects, London (2017); “Vivien Zhang ´ Monteverdi,” Monteverdi, Tuscany (2017); “All As Long Distance Neighbours,” SOYUZ, Pescara (2017), among others. In 2017, Vivien Zhang was featured in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia: The Arts. She is the recipient of the Abbey Award at the British School at Rome (2016-17) and the Chadwell Award (2014-15).

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