Vivien Zhang: Lorem Ipsum

Opening: 2021.7.10

Long March Space

Press Release

Vivien Zhang: The Symbol, The Contrast

2021_ElleDeco家居廊_Vivien Zhang: The Symbol, The Contrast/By_Gerald

Reframing the Narrative: A new generation of East Asian creatives is finding its artistic voice

2021_Bazaar art_Reframing the Narrative_By/Helena Lee


Vivien Zhang: Lorem Ipsum

Concurrent with the exhibition, Long March Space also presents Vivien Zhang: Context and Method in the gallery’s Artist Room. This micro-project will sample fragments from Zhang’s London studio space – including drafts, notes, and traces of “physical residue” from corners of her studio. They will provide a glimpse into the artist’s work setting and methodology in preparation for Lorem Ipsum.


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