“Stop! Surfaced and Zone Out” Performance Series


2023.11.25 – 2023.12.16

Long March Independent Space, Beijing


For Autumn and Winter performance series, “Stop! Surfaced and Zone Out” of Long March Independent Project invites three artists(-collectives), Tan Yingjie, Beio, and, to explore their points on how individuals suspended and break the stability. The title refers to a metaphor shared by all three groups of artists — the situation in suspense of each individual — a topic that never seems to go out of date.


ME FOR YOU AND FUN FOR ME is a three week long performance installation run by, providing service one person at a time.The performance takes place in a constructed space with a footprint of 40 sq. meters. Upon entering the space, the audience is expected to experience a narrow walk in a claustrophobic space, a short period of confinement, and a guided meditation to relive the incarceration within a controlled lucid dream of institutional space. While waiting for your reserved service, the waiting hall outside the installation features a debut of three short films of the artists. Accompanied by intrusive sound field and dyslectic visual, the films are made of questions, interrogations, satires, and advertorial texts; and all the films are voiced by AI voices of Apple accessibility service (Ava, Karen, Joelle, and Stephanie).


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