The 13th Shanghai Biennale: Bodies of Water

Guo Fengyi

Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China


Titled Bodies of Water, the 13th Shanghai Biennale will advocate for processes of planetary re-alliance relying on transspecies collectivity. It presents itself in fluid forms to accommodate the ever-changing reality while finding ways to confront conventional exhibition-making methods. The Biennale strives to reach a place previous exhibition forms could not access. More importantly, this exhibition is utterly experimental: in the face of the changing global conditions, curatorial practices will continue to explore the possibilities of self-renewal. Exploring forms of fluid solidarity, the Biennale will convene artists to think beyond human-centered and nation-based narratives, connecting the discussions of bodies with those of the environment.


For the first time, the Shanghai Biennale will operate as an eight-month “in crescendo” project, unfolding in three phases. Following the opening of A WET-RUN REHEARSAL and AN ECOSYSTEM OF ALLIANCES, AN EXHIBITION comes to the public from April 10 to June 27, 2021.


Opening with a festival, AN EXHIBITION will unfold into an exhibition that will run through PSA and expand into a series of locations along the Huangpu River and across the city of Shanghai. 14 pieces of drawing by Guo Fengyi are presented, including Fengshui of China (2005)Diagram of Guan Ziming Compiled Xuandongji Jing (1990)Caishen (God of Wealth) (2001)Nüwa (The Mother Goddess) (2006)Huaxu (2006), and so on.

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