“Superfluous Gallery: Performance on Live”——Hu Xiangqian’s First Live Stream Event

Public Sector of Gallery Weekend Beijing 2020

2020.7.3, 8-9pm; 2020.7.4, 8-9pm

Hu Xiangqian’s first live stream event “Superfluous Gallery: Performance on Live” participates in the Public Sector of Gallery Weekend Beijing 2020. This performance work assembles idea and concepts of Hu’s previous works “Xiangqian’s Museum” and “Superfluous Knowledge”. The live-streamed performance functions like a real gallery, where Hu will showcase and sell works by various artists, exploring the new possibilities of online art programs. The performance also raises a new question——Is it possible to extend the online platform into an art work selling channel? What genres of art are more suitable for online selling? What are the motivations of the online costumers? During the live stream, the artist also discusses the multiple dimension of the concept of “superfluous”, together with the concept and the value of art, with the guests.

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