Zhu Changquan

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Zhu Changquan (b. 1989) was born in Shandong and graduated from the Studio of Experimental Image Media within the School of Intermedia Art at China Academy of Art. He currently lives and works in Hangzhou and Shanghai.


Zhu’s practice is often shaped by his analysis of rituals that exist in daily life and his personal involvement in art activities. He is particularly interested in the influence of varying potential factors on ritualistic behavior which has the possibility of revealing the rules that underlay them. It is his belief that the effect of watching moving images or video on an individual does not come from the medium itself, but rather the personal experience of the individual shapes their understanding. The medium itself, therefore, acts as a facilitator to evoke certain aspects of a viewer’s own reflection, in turn creating a more conscious society. He views the development of creating images as a nonlinear process, but in fact a “full factor narrative”. It is the images of everyday objects transformed through drama, animation, device, painting and other objects to generate a new narrative form.

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