Lin Ke

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Lin Ke, born in 1984 in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China. He graduated from the New Media Arts department of the China Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. Currently lives and works in Beijing.


From 2010 he began making a series of operations associated with computer video and image works. Lin Keput the computer as a studio, extracting material from computers and the Internet, some operating behavior and record images using the concept of screenshots and screen recording software. In 2014,His first solo exhibition —“L in K” was held in Gallery Yang Beijing,Over the past few years, this series presents creations.


He won the 2014 OCAT – PIERRE HUBER ART PRIZE in 2014 and the ninth AAC art of the Chinese Youth Artist Award for the year in 2015.


Lin Ke is also a member of the art group Double Fly Art Center.

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