COME INSIDE (Mak Ying Tung & Wong Ka Ying)

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“Come Inside” is a new art collective formed by young Hong-Kong-based female artists: Mak Ying-tung and Wong Ka-ying. Since Mak graduated from the School of Creative Media – City University of Hong Kong and Wong graduated from the Fine Arts Department, Chinese University of Hong Kong; they both have strived to be established artists in the past three years, by participating various group shows, and held solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, China and other countries.


In 2016, their art journey has come to a new page as they are fed up with the formalized system and depressed atmosphere of the society, and decided to attack the world with “Come Inside”. “Come Inside” welcomes everyone to join their newly created, fancy and funny world, and wish everyone can experience the “art orgasm” from the bottom of their inner-selves, by creating guerilla art in diverse spaces.

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