Zheng Shengtian—I Was Supposed to Go to Mexico

A total of four exhibition-related films were shown in the screening room. A Gun and a Paintbrush: Mexican Muralism and Chinese Contemporary Art  takes Zheng Shengtian, Sun Jingbo and other Chinese artists’ visits to Mexico as clues, and revisits the history of the interaction and cooperation between the art of Mexico and China. The other three films Siqueiros in China, 1956 Exhibition and Chinese Muralism in the 20th Century are specially curated by Zheng Shengtian, which focuses on the experience of Chinese cross-cultural exchange in the last century, produced for the exhibition Winds from Fusang: Mexico and China in the Twentieth Century, which was shown at the USC Pacific Asia Museum in 2017, respectively introduced the 1956 Mexican Art Exhibition, Siguelos’ visit to China and the development of Chinese murals. Excerpts from many of Zheng Shengtian’s video interviews with Chinese and Mexican artists. Several of the interviewees are now deceased, and these preserved first-hand materials are even more precious.

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