Tan Yingjie: Don’t Let Things Come to You

“Stop! Surfaced and Zone Out” Performance Series


2023.10.7 19:30

2023.10.8 19:30

Long March Independent Space, Beijing


For Autumn and Winter performance series, “Stop! Surfaced and Zone Out” of Long March Independent Project invites three artists(-collectives), Tan Yingjie, Beio, and mollyrainmore.org, to explore their points on how individuals suspended and break the stability. The title refers to a metaphor shared by all three groups of artists — the situation in suspense of each individual — a topic that never seems to go out of date.


Together with the production crew and the cast, artist Tan Yingjie directs his first experimental theatre “Don’t Let Things Come to You” with art installations.  From a real story that Tan’s mobile phone was stolen some years ago, six characters involve in the “incident”. With the abstraction of the box installation and the presence of the actors, it recollects and explores how we should look at “escape”.



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