Inga Svala Thorsdottir + Wu Shanzhuan: from paper to paper

Concurrent with the exhibition, the Artist Room at Long March Space presents seven photographic works by artist Wu Shanzhuan from 1986 to 1989, along with the installation work A Mirror (1993) by artist Inga Svala Thosdottir, and photograph work Pouring Bottled Water into the Victoria Harbour (1993) by Thosdottir and Wu.

Stepping into the inner room of the Artist Room, Thosdottir’s video work Uncovered (2003) is screened. The video work The Making of  Vege-Pleasure (1996) by Thosdottir and Wu, echoes the photograph work Vege-Pleasure (1996) and Vege-Pleasure Bed (1996) which is related to the creation of this series.


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