MadeIn company was established in 2009 in Shanghai by Xu Zhen. This pluri-disciplinary cultural company is devoted to art creation, production, promotion, support and curation.

MadeIn focuses on the inner structure of the art system, seeking to expand its working field beyond the mere accumulation of experiences or individual subsistence, and opening a new direction.

Although the understanding of MadeIn company is often based on identity issues, commercial and production activities, its objectives reside in probing the extent of research possibilities, developing unlimited interpretations, and emphasizing attitudes and ways of creating realities. MadeIn's central concern is to "generate" and not to "produce". 

MadeIn company has shown in both China and abroad, at the UCCA, Beijing (2009), the S.M.A.K Museum, Gent, Belgium, and Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK (2010).